Drug Intermediates

1-(2-(4-(chloromethyl)phenoxy)ethyl)azepane hydrochloride 223251-25-0
3-Methyl-5-(Phenylmethoxy)-2-[(4-Phenylmethoxy] Phenyl]-1H Indole 198479-63-9
R-(+)-1-(1-Naphthyl)ethyl amine 3886-70-2
(R)-3-((S)-5-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-hydroxypentanoyl)-4-phenyloxazolidin-2-one 404874-94-8
4-(4-Hydroxybenzylidine)-p-Fluoroaniline 3382-63-6
4-(4-Fluorobenzoyl) Butyric Acid 149437-76-3
4-(Cyclopropyl-oxo-methyl)-α,α-dimethylphenyl acetic acid (Fex-8)162096-54-0
2-[4-[4-[4-(Hydroxydiphenylmethyl)-1-piperidinyl]-1-oxobutyl]phenyl]-2,2-dimethylacetic acid methyl ester (FEX-10) 154477-55-1
Benzeneacetic acid, 4-[1-hydroxy-4-[4-hydroxydiphenylmethyl)-1-piperidinyl] butyl], α, α – Dimethyl (FEX-12) 83799-24-0
4-(4-Phenyl butoxy) benzoic acid 30131-16-9
N-(3-Acetyl-2-Hydroxyphenyl)-4-(4-Phenylbutoxy) Benzamide 136450-06-1
3-Amino 2-Hydroxy Acetophenone 70977-72-9
1H-Tetrazole-5-ethylformate 55408-10-1
4-Bromomethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline-2-one 1087239
Diethyl 2-[4-(chlorobenzoyl)amino]Malonate 81918-01-6
2-((3aR, 4S, 6R, 6aS)-6-amino-2,2-dimethyltetrahydro-3aH-cyclopenta[d][1,3] dioxol-4yloxy)ethanol L-tartaric acid 376608-65-0
(1R,2S)-2-(3,4-Difluorophenyl)cyclopropanamine (2R)-Hydroxy(phenyl)ethanoate 376608-71-8
5-(1-Carboxyethyl)-2-(phenylthio)phenylacetic acid83237-49-4


Sr.No.Product CAS NoGradeFiling Status
1.Diltiazem Hydrochloride33286-22-5JPPlanned 2017
2.Rebamipide90098-04-7JPPlanned 2017
3.Zaltoprofen74711-43-6JPPlanned 2017
4.Fexofenadine83799-24-0JP/USP/IPPlanned 2017
5.Pranlukast103177-37-3JPPlanned 2018
6.Bazedoxifene Acetate198481-33-3JPPlanned 2018
7.Valsartan137862-53-4JPPlanned 2018
8.Olmesartan144689-63-4USPPlanned 2018
9.Azilsartan147403-03-0USPPlanned 2018
10.Candesartan139481-59-7JP/USPPlanned 2018
11.Ticagrelor274693-27-5USPPlanned 2018
12.Suvorexant1030377-33-3USPPlanned 2018
13.Zonisamide68291-97-4JP/USPPlanned 2018
14.Mosapride Citrate Dihydrate636582-62-2JPPlanned 2018

QA Executive


Preparation & management of documents and controlling the system.

Validation activity i.e. Process validation, Cleaning Validation, Method validation and also the installation & qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ& SQ) of equipment and instruments.

Preparation and execution of protocols and reporting of Stability studies of various finished products and development samples.

Handling of Out of specifications, deviations, change control, instrument malfunctioning with suitable corrective and preventing actions.

Preparation and upgradation of Standard Operating Procedures related to QA/QC department using change control system.

Preparation of Specifications and Standard Test Procedures for raw material, packaging material, finished product.

Should be well versed with various ICH norms and other international regulatory authority guidelines.

Audit Management, Quality Management System, Finding and Improving Risk / Gap analysis etc.

Training, Change control, Deviation, CAPA, Self-Inspection, Cleaning Validation, Batch record preparation, SOP preparation, Risk assessment.

QA Executive


Responsible For Preparation & Execution of purchase order and sending the same to suppliers.

Coordination with production planning to meet customer priorities.

Releasing monthly schedules, Procurement of Materials, Spares & Consumables.

Interaction with the factory store In charge for collecting indent time to time as per requirement. (Like Packing Materials and Raw materials)

Interaction with maintenance Dept. for collecting indent as per their requirement.

Follow-up on all orders placed.

Collecting quotations from various vendors and negotiating the prices And other terms & conditions.

Preparing the comparative chart for each & every materials.

Raising the purchase order and sending to the vendor through e-mail.

Interaction with Accounts Dept. For release the payment of vendors as per supply terms.

Maintain records of All Purchase related documents.

In case if any rejection materials from stores interaction with quality control dept get the report and send back to the vendors.

Evaluating vendor performance based on PQD (Product/ Quality/ Delivery) for higher quality of services from vendor.

Development of alternative local sources for imported raw materials which helps in cost Saving.

Manager QC/ADL


Method Development and validation

Analysis of Raw Materials and Finished Products

Handling and working with analytical standards

Testing purity and assay.

Keeping follow up of the reports and maintaining documents.

Calibration of Instrument as per schedule and maintaining log book.

Documentation of supporting documents.

Looking after daily QC activities.

Making necessary preparation for audits.

Handling QC team

QC Chemist


Should have experience for Analysis of Finish Product & Bulk Analysis by instrument like GC, FTIR, UV Spectrophotometer, Karl-Fisher, Polarimeter.

Experienced in Water Health as QC Executive like Plant audit, Water sample testing, Water sample collection.

Should perform analysis on instruments like HPLC, GC etc.

Checking of In process-Quality Control.

Analysis of pharmaceutical raw material and finish product by using Chemical methods.

Knowledge of Documentation according to GLP.

Documentation & data maintenance (i.e.: Reports, SOP, Graphs, Work Books, and Log Books etc.)

Plant Maintenance Engineer


Maintenance of centrifugal pumps & vacuums pumps.

Pressure and vacuum tests of reactors.

Maintenance of Glass lined & SS reactors.

Maintenance of centrifuges, sifters, vacuum dryers, vtd & multimills.

Attending vacuum problems of hybrid vacuum systems having combination of water ring vacuum pumps and 1-stage steam ejector.

Having exposure of shut down activities of plant.

Immediately handle the breakdown maintenance with fast decision and proper manpower to reduce the down time.

To do preventive maintenance of pump, reactor, centrifuge & vacuum dryers as per scheduled given by manger sir.

To handle shift work and also distribute work to manpower according to their skill and type of work.

To distribute work among sr. technician and utilize their work experience.

Working closely with production and administration dept. for achieving safety aspect.

Should be able to perform Hydro test, Spark test, and Thickness test.

HR Executive


Responsible for end to end recruitment activities so that the organization's recruitment process is efficient, effective and equitable Responsible for the reference check & background verification of the candidates.

Handle day to day operation of HR & Admin functions

Responsible for HR & Admin documentation and processing

Manpower Planning & Mapping

Maintain the employee database

Keep the record of joining documents. Recruitment (short listing / coordinate the interview as per process)

Induction training for new employees/interns

Exit interview as well attrition analysis & solution for the same.

Roll out Payroll (Attendance, leave, bonus, PF, ESIC, PT)

Prepare the PMS and keep the record for appraisal

R&D Chemist


Optimization of Chemical Reaction

Process Development


Operating Lab equipment

Out of the box thinking.

Plant In Charge


Should ensures timely and satisfactorily completion of the work assigned, with the help of team members. Responsible for trouble shooting of plant products Responsible for cost reduction of existing products & solvent.

Responsible for preparation of BPR, BMR, SOP Process to production staff to achieve reproducibility of yields and quality of the product on plant; and train them for regular production of the Co-ordinate, QC, QA, Store, Maintenance, and Administration depart etc. to understand & be informed on issues / requirements related to various products.

ANLON Healthcare is a research-intensive manufacturing unit of API and its intermediates. Based in Rajkot, we've earned a global recognition for manufacturing products that adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our products comply with the regulatory requirements of leading health authorities such as FDA, PMDA, KFDA, cGMP, WHO-GMP. With exceptional R&D capabilities, advanced API manufacturing facilities, global regulatory accreditations, a strong product pipeline and speed-to-market competencies, ANLON is an ideal API partner.

We offer thorough technical and regulatory support across the entire production process, from project initiation to final production. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with high precision instruments that build quality at every stage of the process. We have experts at the helm of our organization, dedicated to safeguarding the quality and class of our products.

Owing to the emerging competitive climate of the pharmaceutical industry, we've been proactive in discerning ways to continually add customer value and augment our competency in business. This means that our products are continually upgraded to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of the global environment. With the range of high quality API and Advanced Drug Intermediates, ANLON has been successful in carving out a competitive niche in the market.


With an approach to innovation that is compelling, inclusive and visionary, we seek to drive efficiency and productivity while delivering tangible results.


To harness the strength of technology and research into becoming a leading global pharmaceutical company that delivers maximum consumer satisfaction.

Drug Intermediates API
  • ANLON Healthcare has the expertise and infrastructure available that creates a conducive work environment that inspires innovation at all levels. An impeccable adherence to quality and an uncompromising will to deliver promises, is what ANLON stands for.
  • Our ultramodern manufacturing facilities are cGMP compliant in accordance with various national and international standards. Acuity and precision are guaranteed owing to the high-tech, sophisticated instruments.
  • The Research & Development division is an indispensable asset to our company. It is not only aimed at improving the performance and efficacy of the existing products, but also developing new products that address the ever evolving needs of the market.
  • The cornerstone of our successful journey, rests undoubtedly, in the brain power of our highly skilled and dedicated employees. They are unrelenting in their commitment to ensuring that the highest quality is built into our products.
  • Quality consciousness is made to percolate in every stage of the production process. We are committed to providing the best-in-class drug development solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable and reliable.


At ANLON we believe that customer satisfaction is a key metric to project management success. We customize our approach to cater to the needs of our clients and advocate their aspirations as our own. We align our incentives with their objectives and help them unleash their maximum potential by engaging their efforts with the best of what is available in the market. With its synergistic strengths and unique innovation, ANLON has been unrelenting in its pursuit for excellence and consistency of service.


Our only strategy is innovation. Relentless and continual. By wielding technology to propel progress, we adapt and evolve with the growing needs of the market. Our persistent quest for novelty and enhancement in competence ensures that our customers get what they want, need and expect.


At ANLON, we are committed to meeting high ethical standards thereby creating and maintaining a healthy environment for all. We measure our achievements at three levels- satisfaction of our customers, efficiency of our employees and finally, impacting change in the society. Our commitment to social responsibility is embedded in our core values - integrity, accountability and authenticity.

We are a team of impassioned technocrats who believe in the remarkable power of synergism and collaboration. Together we question assumptions, surpass limitations and exceed expectations. And to further augment our competence and go the extra mile, we’re hiring! Here is an opportunity for you to experience and contribute to the building of a company, its culture and to put your skills at work; a chance to reap personal and professional benefits; a chance to work with the best of what is available in the market. With its innovation-led growth strategy, ANLON is a revolution that has taken the pharmaceutical industry by storm and is looking for trailblazers with an unquenchable thirst for curiosity, to be a part of its amazing team. Discover our business, understand our culture and join us on our way to becoming a leading pharmaceutical company that people can rely on.




OFFICE : 101/102-Silver Coin Complex,

Opp. Crystal Mall, Kalawad Road,

Rajkot 360005,Gujarat (INDIA)

Phone: 281-2561340, 2562538/39

FACTORY : Anlon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,

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